Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the API similar to the GPT-3 API?

The model is not exactly similar to that of GPT-3. We use a model developed by EleutherAI: GPT-Neo. Since the GPT-3 model from OpenAI is not public, it is difficult to compare these two models. However, with the EleutherAI model, we expect to obtain very similar results.

If the model is publicly available, why do I need to use an API?

The model can only be run on powerful machines. Without optimization, the results may take a long time to obtain. Moreover, it is also necessary to have knowledge in different deep-learning libraries to run this model on your machine. That's why, to make your life easier, we launched

Can I use this API on my own?

Of course. Our goal is to make AI accessible to everyone.

Do I have to pay to use your API?

It all depends on your needs. That's why we make packages that fit your budget and your needs.

Can I launch a startup in one day with your API?

Of course! The API is ideal for launching a business idea simply and quickly. You can develop a quick prototype of your product very quickly with it.

I have a question that is not listed here, what can I do?

You can email us at this address if you still have questions: support [at] gapt [.] ai