We adapt to your budget

At, we really want AI to be really (yes really) Open to everyone! It is the reason why we have created this API for you. Quite simply.

Okay, but how do I pay for something?

When you request access to the API, we will respond within a week with an offer that fits your budget. But don't worry, our prices start at only 10$ / months (far from the hundreds of euros of our competitors).

I am a researcher, but I have little budget...

We love researchers. For this, we can of course provide you with a light sandbox for your experiments and test our models.

When I pay, where does my money go?

A very large part of your money goes into investments and renting powerful servers. Because to launch such a model, you need big GPUs which are very expensive. We also commit to financially support EleutherAI, which is a collective of researchers working on open source AI research because we are basing ourselves on their latest models (GPT-Neo). Moreover, we want to see other even more powerful models appear.